“Our experience with Kimberley from Beyond Your Office has been amazing! She is beyond competent, reliable, trustworthy and delivers when she promises. Her creative and common sense approach to our projects is invaluable. She always has the customers’ needs in mind and offers helpful input when needed. Kimberley is professional, approachable and pleasant to work with. I  would highly recommend her services”. ~ Kim Whalen, AdGraphics (www.adgraphics.ca)

“Kimberley is a thoughtful, efficient and competent VA. She stands out not only because of her outstanding work, because her work is wonderful, but also because she communicates so well about how long projects will take and delivers on time“. ~ Nicole Weiss, LCSW (www.nicolecweiss.com)

“A go-to, get-it-done person who stays the course and makes it happen. Kim and I have worked together for over 25 years for Multiple Birth Canada. During this long period, she has played an invaluable role. Simply because someone is volunteering does not necessarily translate into worth or dependability. In Kim’s case, however, I can affirm that she always followed through and made a difference.  She is highly competent, reliable and committed in whatever task she undertakes. These are invaluable talents in a volunteer that contribute significantly to organizational capacity. Hence, based on this long and positive experience, I am delighted to recommend Kim’s services”. ~ Lynda P. Haddon, Multiple Birth Educator (www.jumelle.ca)                                                           

“You know how “best laid plans” sometimes (okay, most of the time) – means you have some great ideas that never get completed.  That’s what happened this year with National Multiple Births Awareness Day.  Thankfully BEYOND YOUR OFFICE was quick to jump in and finish off the communication work on our National Multiple Births Awareness Day.  Kim used her social marketing expertise to get the message out efficiently and effectively. It was the icing on the cake that ensured all our hard work leading up to the event was shared worldwide.  Thanks Kim!” ~Gail Moore – Past Chair of Multiple Births Canada and National Multiple Births Awareness Day           

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kimberley Weatherall since 2010 in her role of Past Chair of Multiple Births Canada (MBC) and then as the Executive Director of Multiple Births Canada. Kim has served on our Board of Directors in many roles, including Chair.  

Kim has much to offer any organization that she chooses to work for. Her attention to detail and drive to ensure things are completed to the highest standard is her most outstanding characteristic.  Kim has many skills including management, organization, word processing, graphic work that she can bring to any task.  Her willingness, thoughtfulness and dedication through all her work tasks are exceptional.  I know, without a doubt, that any organization that contracts her services will be rewarded tenfold for their investment in her.

Kim would be a delightful addition to any team.  Her pleasing personality and readiness to take on any challenge would be of great benefit”. ~Shirley Combden, Multiple Births Canada Past Chair