What can a Virtual Assistant (VA) do for My Business?

What can a Virtual Assistant (VA) do for My Business?

As a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Virtual Support Agency – this has to be the number one question we get asked from small business owners who find themselves overwhelmed and facing what seems to be a never-ending list of tasks / projects. It’s a list that seems to get longer each day rather than shorter (at least mine does).

The first thing we suggest is that you take an inventory of what is on your list then break it down into smaller tasks where possible. Don’t look at it as the entire project but rather as pieces that are needed to get that project done.

For example … you need to send out your monthly newsletter. Looking at it written like that, makes the overall task sound rather daunting. However, it can surely be broken down into several chunks of work such as the following:

  • Creating its content
  • Sourcing /creating images
  • Proofing
  • Formatting
  • Scheduling
  • Promotion on social
  • Creating a blog post from its content

Now ask yourself … “what tasks must be done only by me and no one else?”

Be honest! Does it really have to be you? Can you guide others on what needs to be done?

Chances are that the only piece that must be done by you is part of the content creation if the topic requires that it is written from your zone of genius. Ok, perhaps the images if you happen to be a photographer!

But really? Does it all have to be written by you?

  • Can someone on your team help?
  • Can you have a guest writer from time to time?  Especially when you will be on vacation.
  • What about repurposing content from past blogs/newsletters? Update some of your most visited content with new life and new examples. New people are unlikely to have read all your previous blog posts.
  • Curating content from outside sources but within your industry? If you have besties in the business where their content and zone of genius supports the work that you do – highlight their work and their new offerings. Cross promotion does great things for SEO.

Of course, the proofing, formatting and scheduling can be done by others. Perfect tasks for a Virtual Assistant!

Some VAs can also help with promoting the various pieces of the newsletter on social media and adding them to your blog. We often hear that this is the piece that never gets done by the business owner or at least not in a timely fashion.  They have either moved on to more exciting projects or these skills are areas they struggle with – making these tasks less than desirable to work on. We all have those types of tasks on our list – even Virtual Assistants!

Do you have an SOP in place to help with the overall process?

Having a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document in place will guide your team or Virtual Assistant to complete the tasks the way you would have done it yourself. 

Do you have them in place for tasks that are completed daily, weekly or monthly?

If not, ask the VA or person performing the task to create an SOP the next time they are working on that task. Better yet, have them start creating it after the first time the task is assigned and then modify it as needed until everything is working just the way you would expect.

Starting to see how a VA can help?

Remember – break down your daily, weekly and monthly tasks into smaller chunks. Beside each one list who can do the work. Add it to your task management tool and task away!

Interested in learning how this example and others can work specifically for you and your business reach out to us at hello@beyondyouroffice.com to book a Discovery Call. We would be happy to discuss this further with you.

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What can a Virtual Assistant (VA) do for My Business?

This has to be the number one question we get asked from small business owners who find themselves overwhelmed and facing what seems to be a never-ending list of tasks / projects.

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